Family Resource Services

Q: Who can attend?

A: Anyone who is pregnant or parenting a child up to 6 years old. That includes parents, grandparents, nannies and caregivers.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Most programs are FREE.

Q: Do I just drop in?

A: Family Time is a drop-in program. For all other programs, you must register by calling 905-471-1620. Please check our calendar for times and locations.

Q: What happens at the centres?

A: Adults help their children engage in early learning activities such as puzzles, building blocks, active play, painting, playdough, shape and colour recognition, songs and stories. Through these activities, children learn important life skills that enhance their growth and development and are better prepared to begin school.

Professional staff members lead some activities and are always on hand to provide support, answer questions and make appropriate referrals.

Q: What parenting classes do you offer?

A: The Parent & Child Mother Goose program helps you connect with your infant (under 12 months of age) by learning to correctly read your baby’s cues. Enjoy a relaxing hour singing songs, listening to a story and doing gentle knee bounces while holding and touching your baby.


Q: I’m pregnant. Do you have classes for me?

A: Yes. The ABC All Babies Count prenatal nutrition program ensures that all pregnant women have information about how good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can help their growing fetus. The program also ensures that participants have access to nutritious food at least once per week. You must register for this program to attend. Please call 905-868-0519 for more information.

Home Base

Q: Are your services free?

A: Yes. The food, recreation and helping hands are all free. This is not a joy ride, though. Home Base is for youth in need who are looking for help.

Q: Will you tell my parents that I talked to you?

A: No. Everything you say to us is confidential. We will involve your parents only if you ask us to.

Q: Can I complete my community service hours at the Centre?

A: Yes, we will try and find suitable opportunities for youth to complete hours at the Centre.

Q: Can you help me find a job?

A: Yes. We can help you with the entire job search process beginning with helping you to write your resume.

Q: Where are you located and when are you open?

A: We are located at 10944 Yonge Street, north of Elgin Mills on the southwest corner of Yonge and Canyon Hill. We are open Monday to Thursday 12:00 -8:00 pm and Friday 11:00 am-7:00 pm.

Q: Do you give out bus tickets?

A: Yes, but only for school, appointments or transportation to shelters.

Youth Residences

Q: How old do I have to be to live in a 360ºkids home?

A: You must be 16 to 19 years of age, in need of temporary shelter and care, and are either in school fulltime or working full time. If you’re younger than 16, you must be a ward of the Children’s Aid Society.

Q: What can 360ºkids offer me?

A: 360ºkids can give you a home for up to a year, food, physical and emotional care, counselling, school support or help finding a job. We will work with you (and your parents) to sort out issues and to try to get you back home. If that is not possible, we will help you work towards living independently.

Q: What kind of counselling can I get?

A: 360ºkids works with youth just like you who are dealing with many issues. Whether your issues include self-harming behaviour, depression, anger, suicidal thoughts, learning disabilities, sexual abuse, low self-esteem or drug or alcohol dependency, you will find people who care and want to help you at 360ºkids.

Q: What’s required of me if I live in a 360ºkids home?

A: Staying in a 360ºkids home is voluntary. All youth in our residences must agree to participate in our programming (see above) because you need more than a roof over your head and food to be OK. We are here to help, but the key to your success is your willingness to help yourself.