Youth Ambassador Program

The Youth Ambassador Program offers a variety of leadership positions to youth acting as Youth Ambassadors, representing 360°kids in the community.

The Youth Ambassador program will support 360°kids in its mission to help youth overcome crisis and transition to a state of safety and stability. In an effort to engage youth in their community, the Youth Ambassador Program will allow student participants across York Region to engage in programs and activities benefiting 360°kids. Through participation in the program, youth will develop leadership skills and become more engaged in their school and communities. By engaging youth with 360°kids, we are able to bring new ideas and a fresh perspective into our goals and future projects.

Youth participating in the Youth Ambassador Program will be asked to attend all meetings and events. Commitment to the Program is crucial to the success of Youth Ambassadors.

We are currently recruiting for 5 Youth Leaders to help facilitate the Program and mentor the Youth Ambassadors. Please see below for current openings.

If you have any questions please contact Shanika at

Overview of positions

Availability: Youth Leaders must commit to their role from January 2018- June 2019.
Must be available for quarterly meetings (4 per school year) in addition to various events. Remaining work for the Program will be via email or phone.


  • Youth aged 16-24 preferred. However, candidates of all ages are encouraged to apply.
  • Must have volunteer experience
  • Experience mentoring youth is an asset
  • Must demonstrate community engagement
  • Must have experience in a leadership position

Job Posting closes: Friday, February 16th

Youth Leader Campaign and Project Manager Job Description

YL Marketing & Media Officer
Youth Leader Mentorship Coordinator Job Description
Youth Leader President Job Description
Youth Leader Secretary Job Description

If you are interested in a Youth Leader role, please complete the application form below

Youth Ambassador Program: Youth Leader Application

For More information on the Youth Leader positions please see the job descriptions posted above. Please note, you will be asked to upload your resume and one personal or professional letter of recommendation. Please have these ready to upload prior to starting your application form as you will not be able to save unfinished applications.
  • Please upload your most up to date resume
  • Please select the position you are applying for. If you are interested in more than one, please select the one you are most interested in. If selected for the interview process, you will have an opportunity to outline your interest in multiple positions.