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360°kids is committed to building a more equitable, diverse and inclusive (EDI) environment, both in the workplace and in the services we provide. In order for us to achieve equitable outcomes, we will  acknowledge and address the various forms of oppression that create disparate and disproportionate outcomes for the youth who utilize our services and the staff who support them. These include white supremacy, colonialism, anti-Black racism, anti-Indigeneity and homophobia, that are embedded in society, and in our institutions and systems, inclusive of 360°kids.

We recognize that our programs and services are on Indigenous lands and in keeping with our commitment to Reconciliation, we will establish and maintain a respectful relationship with Indigenous peoples and work together with them to improve the outcomes of Indigenous youth who access our services.

360°kids is steadfast in our commitment to this journey of (un)learning and we know that each one of us will be starting from a different place. We will create an environment where these issues are openly discussed and addressed, and where individuals can express their identities without fear of discrimination or judgment. We will address issues as they arise with swiftness, fairness, and transparency with a goal of creating an equitable, safer environment for all.

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Given the nature of our work, we strive to prioritize equity, diversity, and inclusion to ensure that all youth have equal access to opportunities and resources. By promoting a safe and welcoming environment for all youth, regardless of their background, we build trust and foster a sense of community. 

Initiatives, such as The Queer Agenda, Black Youth Housing, and inclusive holiday celebrations, exemplify our dedication to fostering equity, diversity and inclusion. Through these efforts we ensure our programs are culturally responsive and relevant to the needs of the youth we serve.

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We are dedicated to fostering a workplace culture that embraces inclusivity and support. We strive to empower our employees, encouraging them to freely express their thoughts and ideas, and valuing the diversity of perspectives they bring. Our goal is to create an environment where everyone feels welcomed and supported, enabling each individual to thrive and contribute their unique talents and experiences.
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