Join A Youth Homelessness Prevention Strategy Sub-Committee

Evaluation Sub-Committee

Utilizing their evaluation expertise and sector knowledge, the Evaluation Sub-Committee will work with the Youth Strategy evaluation team to:
• Review and consult on evaluation frameworks, tools, methods, available data sources, ethics, pressure points, etc.;
• Participate in collecting data from youth, agencies, and/or the community;
• Identify and make connections to individuals who can provide relevant data; and
• Participate in service, systems, and journey mapping related to youth homelessness.

Members: We are looking for evaluators, researchers, data analysts, etc. from organizations in York Region to join the Evaluation Sub-Committee. Experience with impact evaluation is not required but would be an asset.

Housing Sub-Committee

The housing sub-committee will work with and report back to the youth strategy steering committee to:
• Expand affordable housing options
• Address wait lists for affordable housing
• Advocate for laws and legislation to protect tenants and ensure transparency
• Initiative practices to prevent youth people from being evicted
• Implement common assessment practices to address and triage the housing needs of young people
Members: We are looking for community members, developers and individuals who have experience working within the housing sector in York Region. This can include but is not limited to representation from the following sectors: Government relations and advocacy (i.e. Regional Municipality of York), Community funders, Policy-makers, Individuals who have knowledge of the barriers related to housing, Housing Developers, Organizations primarily serving youth who experience homelessness, Young people with homelessness experience currently working or have experience related to housing development

Government Relations and Advocacy Sub-Committee

The government relations and advocacy sub-committee will work with and report back to the youth strategy steering committee to:
• Build capacity in system navigation
• Implement technology-based solutions to enhance service accessibility
• Implement mandatory discharge planning for youth leaving the system
• Increase awareness across the sector of services and supports for young people
• Identify and address policies, practices, and systems that put young people at risk of negative outcomes
• Advocate for sustainable and appropriate allocation of financial resources
Members: We are looking for community members and individuals from various sectors in York Region that understand the challenges and barriers that young people experiencing homelessness encounter within the system.

Leadership and Collaboration Sub-Committee

The leadership and collaboration sub-committee will work with and report back to the youth strategy steering committee to:
• Develop a centralized information database across the sector
• Explore and implement avenues for data collection to enhance research and decision-making
• Engage various sectors to address homelessness
• Implement sector-wide planning, protocols, and policies to enhance community integration
• Leverage the skills and expertise of the community to ensure effective and efficient service delivery
• Build community capacity to ensure grassroots organizations can maximize their contributions and access funding opportunities
• Co-create opportunities for youth to be leaders at all phases of the process
Members: We are looking for community members and representatives from organization or agencies that work with young people to prevent/address youth homelessness in York Region.

Deadline to sign up for all sub-committees is: March 31st, 2021

To download a PDF with even more detail please click here. 

To sign-up please contact: Maaha Farrukh ([email protected])
Alternatively, you may visit the following link to sign up: https://forms.gle/DtFWH48UnBUMaKn48 

**Please note this is not a 360°kids program but rather a community initiative supported by 360°kids


Event Support

Plan an event!

Do you love to host events? Have a special skill or talent? Plan a fundraising event today benefiting 360°kids! Whether you host a boot camp, fundraiser, or a BBQ for your friends, register your event today and raise money and awareness to help support youth overcome crisis and transition to a state of safety and stability. It’s never been easier to get started!

For more information on planning your own fundraising event please contact:
(905) 475-6694 ext. 3608



Nightstop provides a bed for the night for young people who need it, in a moment of crisis. Providing a safety net to those forced to leave their home, Nightstop places young people in a safe and warm home for the night, provided by a vetted and approved volunteer. It prevents young people from sleeping on the streets, “couch surfing”, or staying in unsuitable accommodations where they would be at risk of abuse.

Host Volunteer

We are looking for host homes across York Region! Are you interested in providing a safe and warm environment to a youth in need for the night?  Volunteers must have a spare bedroom in their home. They will be screened, trained and supported through their involvement in the Nightstop program.  For more information or to complete an application to become a Host Volunteer, email us at [email protected] or call 905-475-6694 to speak with someone today.

Click Here for more information regarding Nightstop

Nightstop Driver

The Volunteer Drivers will meet the guest at the pre-arranged place, drive them to the Volunteer Host’s home, introduces them to their Host and then calls the Program Coordinator to confirm that the person has arrived safely.

Click Here for more information regarding Nightstop Driver Role

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