360°kids offers young people a range of employment supports to help them acquire the training and skills needed to enter and stay in the labour market. Over the past year, the program has experienced significant growth to six different program streams and 15 staff members.

360°kids Employment Programs are designed to empower and encourage participants to overcome employment barriers that could potentially hinder their motivation and ability to be successful at work. Our programs are unique in that we cultivate an empathic, holistic approach in preparation for employment as youth move to a state of safety and stability. We support youth in preparation for employment and in developing skills necessary to maintain new job opportunities. Employment barriers include, but not limited to, discrimination, experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness, LGBTTQ, police record, Aboriginal, recent immigrant and living with mental health challenges.


Workshops and Job Fairs

Check out workshops offered in our employment programs and upcoming community job fairs.

Job Listings

Check out a variety of the most current job opportunities in York region.

Tips and Resources for Youth

Check out our employment tips and tools to help you find, get and keep your job.


Youth Job Connection

YJC includes paid pre-employment workshops, job matching and placement support.

Base 4 Success

B4S is a 12 week paid employment program for youth who face barriers to employment.

Every Bite Matters

Every Bite Matters (EBM) is a 16-week paid employment program for youth who face barriers to employment and have an interest in culinary skill development.

Specialized Training Employment Program

STEP provides employment training and supports to youth with barriers and self-identify specifically with mental health challenges.

Youth Job Connection Summer

YJCS supports secondary school students with multiple barriers through mandatory employability skills training and part-time employment opportunities,

Youth Success Strategy

YSS Employment Counselling assists youth in reaching their employment goals who 1) do not require the support of a formal program or 2) do not meet the eligibility criteria of our formal programs.

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