Preventing homelessness through community hosting

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360°kids is proud to be bringing Nightstop to Canada.

360Kids has been accredited as the first Nightstop provider in Canada. Nightstop provides a safety net for those forced to leave their home by offering emergency accommodation. Nightstop places young people in a safe and warm home for the night, provided by a vetted and approved volunteer.

It prevents young people from sleeping on the streets, “couch surfing”, or staying in unsuitable accommodations where they would be at risk of abuse. The use of spare rooms in a positive environment makes a huge difference to young people in crisis.

How Nightstop Works


Offer to Host

To be able to offer this invaluable service to young people we need Hosts. Nightstop Host Volunteers will be approved, vetted, and provided with extensive training to ensure they are prepared to host.


Youth apply or refer

Youth seeking a safe place to sleep are welcome to complete an application for an intake meeting or someone may refer the youth to Nightstop on their behalf.


Nightstop Matches

Nightstop provides same-day emergency housing: a safe place to sleep, access to laundry and bathroom facilities, three meals (dinner, breakfast and a packed lunch), as well as transportation support.

Nightstop in York Region

Do you need a safe place to sleep tonight?

Nightstop will provide you with a safe place to sleep, access to laundry and bathroom facilities, three meals (dinner, breakfast and a packed lunch), as well as transportation support.

We accept self
applications and referrals.

Apply as a Guest

Volunteer to be a Nightstop Host

Nightstop relies on our community of volunteers to provide their homes for a safe, warm place for youth in need to stay on any given night. Nightstop is always looking for hosts, volunteer drivers as well as in-kind donations. Hosts will receive remuneration to assist with expenses.


Nightstop success stories

Talya’s Story

Meet Talya, a youth in York Region who at one point had to access 360°kids' Nightstop services. Hear about her Nightstop experience and what the program means to her.

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our Generous

Is your organization interested in being licensed to operate Nightstop in your community?

Complete our initial enquiry form.

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  • How do I know I’ll be safe?

    All Host Volunteers have been vetted and trained extensively. Volunteers must provide police checks, doctors notes, references, as well as complete an interview and home visit with the Nightstop team.

  • Do I have to hang out with the Host(s)?

    As a Nightstop Guest, you are more than welcome to hang out privately in your bedroom or you may spend time with the volunteers watching TV, talking, playing a game, etc.

  • What if I don’t have clothes or toiletries?

    The Host home will have clothing and toiletries you may access that has been provided to them by Nightstop. If there is a specific item that you require, please let a Nightstop Worker know.

  • How will I get to a Host home, to school or to work?

    Nightstop will provide you with transportation support in the form of bus tickets. On some occasions, Nightstop may be able to provide you with a drive, offered by a Volunteer Driver.

  • How long can I use Nightstop for? Can I stay with the same Host?

    As Nightstop is a night-by-night program, you will be required to check in with a Nightstop Worker for each night that you require accommodation. Nightstop cannot guarantee that you will be placed with the same Host each night.

  • Is there WiFi at the Host home? Can I have access to it?

    Nightstop cannot guarantee that all Host homes will have WiFi that you may access. If you require WiFi, please inform Nightstop.

  • Am I allowed to smoke?

    Some Host homes allow smoking in a designated area outside of their home. You are never to smoke inside the home. If you are a smoker, please let Nightstop know so we can confirm if a Host is available that permits smoking on their property.

  • Is Nightstop safe?

    All Nightstop Guests complete a comprehensive risk assessment and must provide two references in order to determine program suitability.

  • What is the on-boarding process like?

    Volunteer applicants must complete and submit a Nightstop Volunteer Application Form. After receiving your application, Nightstop will contact you to schedule an interview and home visit. We will also contact two of your listed references. Following this, you will be invited to attend two sessions of training and you will be asked to provide a Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC) and a doctor’s note.

  • I don’t have a spare bedroom but I would still like to get involved. What are my options?

    You can get involved as a Volunteer Driver for the program. Volunteer Drivers offer transportation support to Nightstop Guests.

    You can make a monetary donation to the Nightstop program. Your donation will go towards purchasing supplies for the program (clothing, toiletries, school supplies, bus tickets).

  • Can I drive a Nightstop Guest that is staying at my home?

    Volunteers are not obligated to drive Nightstop Guests however, if you wish to drive any youth that you are hosting, Nightstop will require a copy of your driver’s license and insurance, and we will need to complete a vehicle assessment.

  • How often do I have to host?

    Nightstop Host Volunteers host on a night-by-night basis and have the flexibility to create their own schedules.

Not everyone has the time to volunteer, a small monthly donation can have a huge impact.

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Media Inquiries

For all media inquires regarding our Nightstop program, please contact Lesley Sims at 416-566-9464 or via email at Lesley.sims@360kids.ca

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