To address the housing needs of young people, 360°kids provides a range of housing programs including emergency, transitional, residential homes, and specific housing support provided to survivors of human trafficking. Housing workers also meet with youth throughout the Region to assist them in finding and maintaining safe and appropriate housing.

Nightstop Volunteer

Nightstop relies on our community of volunteers to provide their homes for a safe, warm place for youth in need to stay on any given night. Nightstop is always looking for hosts, volunteer drivers as well as in-kind donations.

Nightstop Guests

Nightstop will provide you with a safe place to sleep, access to laundry and bathroom facilities, three meals (dinner, breakfast and a packed lunch), as well as transportation support. We accept self applications and referrals.


Providing a safety net to those forced to leave their home, Nightstop places young people in a safe and warm home for the night, provided by a vetted and approved volunteer.

Connections and Emergency Housing

Connections is the first emergency housing facility in the southern part of York Region for homeless youth.

HOPE Program

Our HOPE Program provides transitional housing and wrap-around services for female survivors of human trafficking aged 16-26 in York Region.

Supportive Transitional Apartments for Youth (STAY)

This program will build on the skills youth currently have and assist them in becoming successful as they continue on with their life’s journey.

Youth Residential Homes

Our youth residential program is a voluntary program that offers a combination of housing and support for youth, primarily 16-19 years of age, who are facing a housing crisis.


This program sources affordable market rent, community based units across York Region which are licensed out to youth participants.

Youth Housing and Support Workers

This service is designed to assist clients in transitioning from one location to another, conducting housing searches, negotiating with landlords and more…

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