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Your generosity and gift to 360°kids will go directly towards improving the lives of at-risk and homeless youth who use our programs and services


At 360°kids community always comes first. Since our founding in 1989, we have continued to provide a full complement of programs and services aimed at assisting at-risk and homeless youth. We take a complete 360° approach to care.

Our Vision

Every kid deserves access to a safe home. 360°kids now serves over 2,500 youth each year, from every municipality in York Region. Although in the last three years we saw this number fluctuate, our commitment to providing essential housing, employment, education and well-being services, never wavered.

Our Mission

To prevent homelessness by helping youth at risk or in crisis transition to a state of safety and stability.

Our History


Daniel's Story

It was not that long ago that Daniel was living in a garage

Living off of social assistance and the generosity of others to survive. His story is not unlike many of the clients we meet through 360°kids. He came from a broken home and after years of strife and struggles with his family his single mother turned him out for good. Daniel had very few life skills and next to no marketable abilities yet he was determined to survive on his own. Daniel was first introduced to 360°kids through another shelter where he would occasionally stay. Circumstances had hardened his expression and he was angry and skeptical of anyone who wanted to help.

Through building a relationship with Daniel and gradually gaining his trust we have been able to start to work with him and encourage him towards positive change. Daniel joined our Base 4 Success employment program. Throughout his time in the program he has been gaining marketable skills and working in a local business to gain skills and experience. Daniel is now in stable housing and has a full-time job. “I don’t know what I would’ve done if it wasn’t for 360°kids. They helped me find a safe and warm place to stay, and helped me find a job that I am loving today. Thank you 360°kids.” Daniel


Devonte's Story

I am here as one example of the many youth 360kids has helped support.

For years I had difficulty in coming to adults to talk about my problems with them because of abuse in my past, forcing me to do a lot of growing up on my own but not allowing me to have a good safety net of people that I could trust. I have changed dramatically, seeking the supports and advice offered by 360°kids staff, outreach workers, and counsellors. I have been connected to several resources that have helped push me in a better direction in life such as the Base 4 Success program, the JVS worker that frequents Home Base, and when I’m feeling down sometimes some serenity from the yoga teacher that comes by. Wherever I go next I will forever be appreciative of the existence of 360°kids and its staff and both the employment and housing programs offered there.


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