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This is a voluntary transition to independent living program. This program will build on the skills youth currently have and assist them in becoming successful as they continue on with their life’s journey. 360°kids firmly believes that youth deserve the opportunity to live in a respectful, peaceful, and caring environment where they can get the support they need.

The Transitions program sources affordable market rent, community based units across York Region which are licensed out to youth participants. Youth pay an affordable licensee fee which is incrementally increased over a 3 year term, bringing them closer to market rent prices. During this 3-year term, youth would practice their independent living skills and begin to build a relationship with the landlord of the property. Consequently, by the end of the 3 years, participants would now be able to afford market rent prices and would have built a successful trusting relationship with the landlord. This would then allow them the opportunity to take over the lease or find alternate rental accommodations in the community.

While participating in Transitions,  youth are supported by a mentor. This person is there to assist them with goal setting and achievement, problem solving and overall, to help them accomplish success. 360°kids also has several other programs that youth can participate in including leisure and recreation, health and fitness, cooking, skills upgrading, employment, and many more.

What’s in it for youth…

  • Youth will gain the skills they need to live independently and have access to support to help them achieve their goals.
  • Affordable incremental rental increases which will prepare them for market rent prices
  • There will be a variety of units available (shared accommodations, bachelor, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom etc.)
  • Rent amount includes utilities as well as internet and a phone line
  • Each apartment will come fully furnished for the youth (bedroom furniture, living and dining room sets, TV etc.)

What can youth expect from us . . .

  • To be treated fairly, with respect, and as an adult
  • Have an individualized service plan tailored to each youths needs and strengths
  • Staff will focus on housing stability first and foremost before establishing other goals.
  • To be supported in developing and accomplishing the needed skills to live independently
  • To uphold a safe and enjoyable living environment
  • To advance towards the final goal of obtaining stable independent housing in the community

What is expected of youth . . .

  • Enter into a Transitional Support Plan
  • Enter into and follow the Licensee Agreement
  • Participate in weekly home visits from a case manager
  • Pay their rent on time and in full every month
  • Purchase and prepare their own meals
  • Treat others with respect


  • Between 16-26 years of age and in need of minimal support(s) to live independently
  • Have some type of legal income source
  • Can legally reside in Canada
  • Willing to enter into a Transitional Support Plan (i.e. goal development)


Please use the appointment button below and a Transitional Support worker will be in touch as soon as possible.


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