Supportive Transitional Apartments for Youth (STAY)

This is a voluntary transition to an independent living program. This program will build on the skills youth currently have and assist them in becoming successful as they continue on with their life’s journey. 360°kids firmly believes that youth deserve the opportunity to live in a respectful, peaceful and caring environment where they can get the support they need.

While living in one of our transitional apartments, youth will have access to a Mentor. This person is here to support them with goal setting and accomplishment, problem-solving and achieving success. 360°kids provides opportunities for youth to participate in all of our support programs such as leisure and recreation, health and fitness, cooking, skills upgrading, employment and other related activities.

Youth are able to reside with us for a period not exceeding 364 days or until their goals for independent living are accomplished (whichever comes first).

Eligibility Criteria:

  • 16-26 years of age and in need of minimal support to live independently/interdependently
  • Have some type of legal income source to pay rent
  • Legally residing in Canada
  • Willing to enter into a Transition Support Plan (i.e., goal development)

For more information please contact:

360°kids Housing Worker
10415 Yonge St., Suite D
Richmond Hill, ON L4C 0Z3
647-205-3070   or  647-223-8915


Supportive Transitional Worker  at 647-223-8752

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