Family and Natural Supports – Preventative Work

Family and Natural Supports – Preventative Work

The Family and Natural Supports (FNS) approach begins with the idea that relationships are the basis of a person’s sense of self and well-being, which in turn provides the foundation for a person to thrive. For most young people, there is at least one adult – maybe a parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle, sibling, neighbour, teacher, tutor, Elder – who is important and cares about them. Working with an individual’s family and community can be instrumental in changing the individual’s sense of community, support network, and even housing status. While it is sometimes complicated work, family and natural supports can make all the difference in an individual’s journey out of homelessness or prevention of homelessness.


Read more about the Panel and the model:  Canadian Observatory on Homelessness

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Family & Natural Supports (FNS)


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