360°kids Adds New COVID-19 Temporary Self-Isolation Units for Youth Experiencing Homelessness

360°kids Adds New COVID-19 Temporary Self-Isolation Units for Youth Experiencing Homelessness

We are excited to announce that on April 15th, our Youth Transitional Isolation Site opened for operations. This site is an addition to the current Kingbridge Centre York Region Isolation Site, with a focus on helping youth ages 16-26 years old be able to access Emergency Housing. Upon opening the new rooms, we had both beds filled within the first 12-hours of launch.

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Youth who enter this program will stay 14-days with us and have access to staff 24-hours a day. During this time, youth will be tested (if they are not already), offered engagement through daily programming in and out of their room, have access to their own laptop, begin working on a housing plan and much more. Once youth have finished their quarantine, our team will work with them to find any interesting and relevant 360°kids programs that align with their needs and goals.

We’ve done our best to convert two office spaces into rooms similar to our Connections program.


To be eligible for admission to the transitional isolation rooms, an individual must be:
  • Currently experiencing homelessness in York Region;
  • Between 16 and 26 years old;
  • Single with no dependents;
  • Able to care for themselves independently, and not reliant on medical assistance;
  • Not actively fleeing domestic violence and/or personal safety is not at risk;
  • Agreeable to abiding by physical distancing protocols;
  • Have received a COVID-19 test or be willing to receive a COVID-19 test;
  • Be asymptomatic.


There are (3) different ways that youth can gain access to our Youth Transitional Isolation Site:
  1. Direct referral from a Transitional Shelter 
  2. Direct referral from hospital or assessment centre
  3. Direct self-referral


Why do we need youth specific isolation sites in York Region?

During the pandemic, fewer youth have accessed emergency housing services. Service providers found that going to the Kingsbridge Transitional Shelter that was previously in place, was a barrier for youth, who hesitated to self-isolate for 14-days in an unfamiliar environment with adults.

To better serve youth experiencing homelessness in York Region, we at 360°kids along with Sutton Youth Services worked to create temporary self-isolation units specifically for youth. This will allow young adults to self-isolate in an environment tailored to serving their needs.

View our new Youth Transitional Isolation Site below:

For more information about this program please feel free to reach out to the Transitional Isolation Site Team at 416-432-7564 or via email TransitionalSite@360kids.ca. To learn more about our various 360°kids programs click here.


We would like to thank our funders, United Way Greater Toronto and Service Canada for their generous support of our new Youth Transitional Isolation Site.


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