The benefits of STEP

The benefits of STEP


“As an organization, we encounter youth of various experiences and personalities. Unfortunately these youth face unprecedented amount of stress and are forced to grow up much earlier than most of their peers. Trying to survive in this society has been difficult for many of our clients such as maintaining a job while managing their mental health. Through the STEP program, we have identified clients who often carry co-morbidity of mental health concerns and often do not know how to manage them while juggling a job. Specialized Training Employment Program is more than just an employment program, it focuses on the individual and through a combined effort, the client and employment counselor problem solve, build and work towards the client’s future. STEP is a future focused program and it has definitely helped our clients in more than one facet of their lives. The skills they learn are transferable to employment, relationship building, emotional and psychological well-being, and learning to love oneself. The results of our clients often progress upwards where there has been positive change in their lives”.

-STEP Employment Counselor

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