COVID-19 Essential Services Update

COVID-19 Essential Services Update

In this unprecedented time of “Social Distancing”, most of us are facing the challenge of working from home for the first time or having our children at home for an extended March Break. But what if you didn’t have a safe or stable home to isolate in?

While a Global Pandemic is spreading, it’s important to realize our privileged positions and how times like these affect each and every one of us. And like any crisis, the ones who need the most help are the most vulnerable in our society. Here at 360°kids, our mission is to surround Kids in Crisis with Care, so many of our services are essential.

We have implemented these measures to protect our community

  • We have suspended our volunteer operations
  • Our staff that are able to work remotely are working from home are doing so while still meeting with our youth virtually now
  • We have had to close some of our drop-in programs, including Home Base.

The Impact of COVID-19

  • The closing of programs that are a daily refuge for young people who RELY on the centre to get meals each day means we are looking for new ways to support them without them coming to the centre. 
  • We rely on the community to support us with non-perishable food donations which will all now be impacted and have depleted our food pantry.
  • Shortages of hand sanitizers, disinfecting wipes, paper towels etc. in stores is impacting our supply as well.

We need your help

Right now, the best way that you can help us at the moment is through a financial donation to allow us to put to the area of greatest need, for example for cleaning supplies, protective equipment, food, and gift cards.

Please consider donating now, or becoming a regular donor. 


360°kids has been named one of Canada’s Best Charities 2020 by Maclean’s Magazine. We have not only been named in the top 100 of Canada’s Best Charities overall but additionally, in the top 10 of Canada’s Best Charities in the category of Youth Charities.

A Letter from our CEO

360K – COVID – Letter from our CEO


We are still operating these essential services

We are continuing to run these essential services but our supplies are depleting by the day. Your donation will directly help with some of the following:

  • Connections Emergency Housing – the first emergency housing facility in the southern part of York Region for homeless youth. The facility offers 14 single-occupancy rooms, 7 days a week and provides basic needs (food, bedding, hygiene supplies, etc.) wraparound services; and assistance finding appropriate, affordable, and stable housing.
  • HOPE Program –  transitional housing and wrap-around services for female survivors of human trafficking aged 16-26 in York Region. Our services support the survivors by providing a safe nurturing environment, counselling, medical attention, and self-esteem building tools to promote a healthy transition into independent living.
  • Youth Residential Homes – a voluntary program that offers a combination of housing and support for youth, primarily 16-19 years of age, who are facing a housing crisis. Youth seeking this service may be unable to reside at home due to abuse, emotional neglect, family dysfunction/breakdown or educational difficulties.
  • Supportive Transitional Apartments for Youth (STAY) – While living in one of our transitional apartments, youth will have access to a Mentor. This person is here to support them with goal setting and accomplishment, problem-solving and achieving success. 
  • Transitions – sourcing affordable market rent, community-based units across York Region which are licensed out to youth participants. Youth pay an affordable licensee fee which is incrementally increased over a 3-year term, bringing them closer to market rent prices. 
  • Employment – We support youth in preparation for employment and in developing skills necessary to maintain new job opportunities. Employment barriers include, but not limited to, discrimination, experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness, LGBTTQ, police record, Aboriginal, recent immigrant and living with mental health challenges. We will continue these services remotely at this time and through our Employment Portal.
  • Counselling – our team is still offering counselling services but has now changed the drop-in process and moved to booking online and digital sessions with youth.


The best way that you can help us at the moment is through a financial donation. Please consider donating now, or becoming a regular donor. 


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