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Clovis Grant
A message from our CEO

I believe that young people have tremendous potential, limited only by the opportunities provided to them. At 360°kids, we will continue to work in partnership with the York Region communities to develop more and more opportunities, especially for youth who are most-at-risk of homelessness. I was drawn to the organization by the breadth of services offered to help ensure young people are supported and their potential realized, and I continue to be impressed by the organization’s truly wraparound approach to service provision. In making our services responsive to the changing needs of our young people, their voices need to be central to the work we do. In this way, we will ensure that we continue to provide relevant programs in a manner that helps each person we come in contact with feel the genuine care and concern we have for their well-being.

To that end, the staff at 360°kids are real heroes for me. Their work, day in, day out, is the key to the ongoing success of the organization and they need to be applauded for a job well-done. Their voices also need to be heard and their efforts supported. I am also very grateful for the many volunteers including our Board of Directors who do so much for 360°kids as they give of their time and resources in so many ways to keep the organization strong. I am pleased to be part of such an amazing team!

Bonnie Harkness
Director of Strategic Partnerships & Program Development
A message from our Director of Strategic Partnerships & Program Development

It’s more than just a roof over their heads and a meal. It’s knowing someone cares, it’s a family, it’s a home.

Having worked with 360ºkids in several different capacities over the years, I’m continually inspired by the youth we serve. While our incredible staff encourage and support our youth, it’s their strength and courage that provide motivation to us. We help youth to make positive changes in their lives, to overcome barriers and to move from crisis to a place of safety and security. At 360ºkids they find friendship and kindness in the most unexpected places. Our programs are innovative in that they meet people where they are at. Here, there is no shame in where you have come from or where you would like to go. Instead, our programs provide support and resources to help people live the life they desire.

I’m proud of the dynamic, innovative and vital programs provided throughout the Region by 360ºkids’ dedicated staff and volunteers. It is an organization that really cares, that really does believe that people matter. We are grateful to be a part of this community, honoured to give back and are rejuvenated every day by those we come in contact with.

Andrew Legatto
Director of Programs and Services
A message from our Director of Programs and Services
Cause every night I lie in bed
The brightest colors fill my head
A million dreams are keeping me awake
I think of what the world could be
A vision of the one I see
A million dreams is all it’s gonna take
A million dreams for the world we’re gonna make
(from the Greatest Showman)
Imagine a world where “homelessness” is an unrecognizable word…
Join all of us at 360°kids in fantasizing about this reality. Let us start by breaking down the barriers that complicate the flow of great ideas. Let us continue on the path of becoming more accepting; further, more encouraging of a world that celebrates diversity. Let us not allow “fate” to be the decision maker for who lives in a home and who does not; rather, “love” and “kindness”.
Some might not believe this is possible; nonetheless, at 360°kids this fantasy fueled by love, kindness and for that matter a great deal of passion… ”lives” in the corridors of our programs and in the hearts of an incredible team of people that work here.
Help us to open “doors” for a group of young people whom for far too long have been locked out. By harnessing the talent and creativity of these unrelenting survivors of cruel circumstance…we will only further gain as families, neighbours and communities.
So please, join us in dreaming of a world where homelessness for just one youth is unacceptable.

Board of Directors


Daniel Zaroski
Senior Development Associate, Corporate and Foundations
Jones Doug_7835_LR 2
Doug Jones,
Executive Director, Capital Markets Trading, CIBC
22711-441-5 Laura Williams
Laura Williams,
Vice Chair
President, Williams HR Law and Williams HR Consulting
Mike.Zenteno new
Mike Zenteno, Treasurer
Partner, RSM Canada
IMG_0045 Annamaria
Annamaria Di Cesare, Secretary
Director Human Resources - Corporate & Central, Aramark Canada Ltd.


20191010_121401 Al Almeida
Alvaro Almeida
Inspector, York Regional Police
Scott Anderson
Vice President, Communications, DBRS Ltd., Canadian Operations
DB Pic 2012 2
Denise Bilsland
Principal, DBA Human Resources Consulting
20190619_212518 Jeff Faria
Jeff Faria
Consultant, Trade Relations
Neil Mahon_360 Kids
Neil Mahon
Founder and Managing Partner, Castletown Solutions Inc.
Karen Rea
Karen Rea
Ward 4 Councillor – City of Markham
David Wong 2
David Wong
Director of Operations, Global Wealth Management, Scotiabank
Jennifer Xu
Jennifer Xu
Sr. Brand Manager, MARS Canada
3412 Barry Zeidenberg
Barry Zeidenberg
Head of Marketing Communications, Nexans

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