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Creating Partnerships of Mutual Respect

We at 360°kids are looking for landlord engagement and support!

In the bustling Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and across the province, where the cost of living seems to rise with each passing day, the unattainable dream of securing affordable housing is a stark reality for many homeless youth. Faced with, unattainable buying options, exorbitant rental rates and stringent landlord requirements, these young individuals find themselves trapped in a cycle of instability.

The GTA’s rental rates have reached an all-time high, leaving many young people grappling with insurmountable financial barriers when looking for safe and secure housing options. Landlords often demand multiple months’ rent deposits or deny rental applications outright due to the lack of substantial deposits or a pristine rental history. The harsh truth is that affordable housing, once an essential foundation for independent living, has become a luxury that feels out of reach for many.

360°kids directly addresses this crisis, with our Transitions housing program. This program offers a structured pathway to independent living by sourcing affordable market rent units across York Region. Youth enter this voluntary program and pay a reasonable licensee fee, gradually increased over a 3-year term, bringing them closer to market rent prices. While in the program, 360°kids staff, help mentor and provide life skills to the youth, this approach empowers youth to hone their independent living skills and learn to foster a relationship with the property’s landlord. Thus, by the end of the 3-year term, participants not only gain financial independence, but also, establish a respect-based rapport with the landlord. This newfound stability opens avenues for them to afford market rent prices, either by taking over the lease or seeking alternative accommodations in the community.

The key to the success of this program, lies within our community and it is by fostering landlord relationships and creating a pool of potential rental units, available to 360°kids.  Currently, affordable housing waitlists extend to a staggering 10 year wait, making these partnerships even more crucial in addressing the pressing issue of homelessness among young individuals.

We are seeking support and network opportunities in continuing this amazing program.  While the affordable housing crisis continues to cast a shadow over the dreams of many homeless youth, programs like Transitions by 360°kids offer a glimmer of hope.  The collaboration of landlords in the GTA and organizations dedicated to empowering youth can be a transformative force, turning the key to stable, affordable housing and brighter futures for all youth.


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