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Over the past 3 years, 360°kids has been working with TMS to develop the 360° In School Experience. Today, it is an innovative experiential service-learning campaign that makes students the drivers of their education -not merely an observer, aiming to spark students’ curiosity and inspire them to be civic leaders.

The 360° In School Experience is a unique, educational and eye-opening learning campaign that consists of in-class lessons, fundraising, and an overnight sleep-out experience.

The 360° In School Experience fosters:

  • An authentic community connection
  • A reflective, creative and holistic thinking mentality
  • Empathy and compassion towards others
  • An inclusive and diverse learning environment, helping to meet the interest, needs and strengths of all students
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Why Learn About Youth Homelessness:

Youth homelessness does not discriminate based on age, race or sexual orientation. Highly educated, hardworking, honest, compassionate, funny, wonderful people are all experiencing homelessness. The stigma associated with the homeless only serves to exacerbate peoples’ situations.

The best way to change negative stereotypes about youth experiencing homelessness and ultimately end homelessness is to teach young people how to be compassionate advocates.

As a result of learning about homelessness, students will:

  • Dismantle stereotypes and reduce judgmental attitudes
  • Develop an appreciation for diversity, while recognizing wide-spread commonalities
  • Enhance their capacity for critical thinking and moral reasoning
  • Appreciate and participate in community initiatives and organizations
Youth Homelessness Statistics 2019
Youth Homelessness Statistics 2019

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