The 11th Annual 360°Experience

The 11th Annual 360°Experience


The 360°Experience is a life-changing event that you can do in-person around York Region or right outside your home/ office/ church…


Join the 360°Experience presented by our title sponsor ABC Technologies on March 3rd and take on the challenge of walking in the shoes of a homeless youth for just one night. Our 360°kids team will send you real scenarios faced by youth who have used our programs. It will open your eyes to the harsh realities youth face when they don’t have a home to go to and the city is plunged in subzero winter weather.

This year we are combining both our in-person and virtual events, to give participants the flexibility of choice. It will be 1 event, done 2 ways, both held on March 3rd at 8PM. Families, couples, community leaders, businesses and high school students are encouraged to learn what homeless youth face every night.

Starting with a kick off event hosted co-hosted by Chief MacSween and our CEO Clovis Grant, you will take on the night outside with only the resources a youth might have. This is a challenge to walk in the shoes of a homeless youth.


**Participants must raise a minimum of $2,000 to participate in our in-person event and $100 to participate in our virtual event. 


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Our 360°Experience would not be possible without the generosity and support of our amazing sponsors. Thank you to our Title Sponsor ABC Technologies, our Media Sponsor 105.9 The Region, our event partners the York Regional Police.

Thank you to our event sponsors Benson Kearley IFG, Kingdom Canada, AGF Rebar Fondnation, Tim Hortons, PTAG, Interworld Paper, IG Wealth, Rudner Law, FCT and the York Region.

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