360ºkids COVID-19 Urgent Needs Donation Catalogue

360ºkids COVID-19 Urgent Needs Donation Catalogue



360°kids mission is to Surround Kids in Crisis with Care. Although our 360°kids’ service delivery methods have had to change slightly, many of our essential services are still operating and our staff team continues to be on the front-lines where youth need us the most.

During this unprecedented time of “self-isolation”, we have been asked to stay home. But what if you didn’t have a safe or stable home to isolate in?

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have created safe quarantine centers for youth in York Region, Coivd-19 resources and our Drop-In Centers and programs continue to remain open. Many youth rely on our centers for food, water, clothing and shelter.

To continue to best serve the youth who need us most, We Need Your Support.

Right now, the best way that you can help us is through a financial donation. This will give us the purchasing power to buy the necessary supplies we need to support vulnerable youth in a safe and responsible manner.

Online donations give us the purchasing power to order our basic needs:

  • Food
  • Hygiene items
  • Personal Protective Equipment and sanitation supplies

Thank you so much for choosing us to make this gift to. We are honoured and humbled by our donor community that continues to step up and help us in our most challenging time of crisis ever. On behalf of our vulnerable youth who will benefit from your support – THANK YOU.

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