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Connect with youth peers who have lived experience using cannabis who will engage in evidence-based conversations in a safe unbiased, informed and non-judgement environment.

About The Group

The goal of the Substance Use and Addictions Program is to increase awareness and knowledge around the risks associated with cannabis use, as well as to improve behaviours/attitudes in youth and young adults on safer use of cannabis.

How the Substance Use and Addiction Program Works

Peer facilitators are here for you to connect with directly via our workshops and learn from a completely non judgemental environment

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My name is Christoper, I have a background of working with youth in a harm reduction setting  for about 3 years now. I’m 25 years old. The reason I’m in SUAP is that I was once homeless  and heavily involved with cannabis usage. I would like to help youth in similar positions as this  has become a passion of mine over the years. My major interests include skateboarding and  music. I’m a father and currently love what I do in life


My name is Sujgin, 20 years old. I like to play basketball and volleyball on the beach during the  summer. I'm very social which is why I want to be a club owner. I want a career in interacting  with people and also providing them a service that has an impact on their lives. I love to learn  when necessary and share my knowledge with others.


My name is Hareem! I'm a mental health advocate, student, and life-long learner. I've been  heavily involved with my community in providing mental health literacy, support, and  resources for the past 4 years. I'm very passionate about substance use and addictions, eating  disorders, and the intersectionality of mental health. I'm also a huge TV show enthusiast  (Kdramas, romance, crime, you name it. Anything except horror shows). I also love animals,  nature, and connecting with different people.


Hi! My name is Antuan, 22 years old. I am currently an aspiring filmmaker documentary  student and also an aspiring entrepreneur. A few of my interests include reading, photography,  cooking, and law and order topics. This last interest of mine has become an essential part of  my daily life to understand my surroundings as a newcomer in Canada and to fully understand  and inform those who are still questioning the law in various aspects; Cannabis being one of  them has become fundamental and reason that brought me here to help, support and assist.


My name is Zachery, 24 Years old. My ultimate goal is to become a social worker with lived  experience to better connect and help others impacted by social stigmas, substance use and  mental health. I am currently working with 360°kids to inform youth on the use and harms of  cannabis. After attending Seneca College, I hope to be able to make a positive impact within  my community and abroad.
Where to get more resources about cannabis
Are you in need of immediate assistance or support? Here’s where to go for help for mental health and addictions help:
  • Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868
  • Good2Talk: 1-866-925-5454
  • Addictions Services Central Ontario
  • Wellness Together Canada
  • 360°kids
  • CAMH York Region


Q. What should I do if I feel pressure to use cannabis?

A. – You have the right to say no to using cannabis as well as to access resources to make informed choices

Q. What is cannabis?

A. – Cannabis is a plant and substance that has psychoactive effects. The main compounds or “cannabinoids” in Cannabis are delta-9-tetrahydrocannabainol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

Q. What are other names for cannabis?

A. – Other names to refer to cannabis include marijuana, pot, dope and weed.

Q. What are the effects of consuming cannabis?

A. – Cannabis impairs coordination and reaction time. Individuals who consume cannabis should not drive to prevent serious motor vehicle accidents.
– Smoking tobacco or cannabis can cause health complications to your lungs. Cannabis health effects – Canada.ca

Q. How can I avoid the negative effects of cannabis?

A. – The only way to avoid the potential negative effects of cannabis is to avoid using it altogether. There are harm reduction tips such as choosing products with higher CBD and lower THC, which can minimize some of the negative effects of cannabis.

Q. What is the legal age to purchase cannabis in Ontario?

A. – 19 Years old.

Cannabis laws | ontario.ca

Q. Is cannabis addictive?

A.- Cannabis can be addictive. Daily and frequent use of marijuana can lead to cannabis dependence/ Cannabis Use Disorder and withdrawal symptoms when using is discontinued.


Strategies that help guide individuals who choose to use cannabis make safer choices regarding cannabis use:

  • Be cautious sharing joints or cannabis implements with others
  • Do not drive after using cannabis
  • Avoid using while pregnant
  • Be aware that the effects of edibles can be very delayed
  • It is safest to delay the age of use. The brain continues to develop until 25 years
  • If you are using cannabis, consider using products with higher CBD content and lower THC
  • Use in a safe environment
  • Remember that smoking cannabis may cause lung damage; other forms are safer for overall health (ex. edibles)
  • Purchase from a dispensary
  • Avoid using synthetic forms of cannabis (ex. K2, Spice)
  • Avoid mixing cannabis with other drugs & substances such 
as alcohol
  • If smoking, avoid inhaling deeply & holding breath

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