Baked with love

Baked with love


There was a regular Home Base youth that reached out to me, hoping to participate in Every Bite Matters as she did not have a job but said she loves to bake.  She told me that when she bakes nothing bothers her. I was really delighted by her performance when she came in to EBM, she blossomed.  I used to see her get into confrontations with other youth but once she came into the program, she would put her energy and frustration into baking and it improved her overall mood.  I told her whenever I’m in the kitchen she is welcome to come in and bake if she would like and she started volunteering lots of her time to help out in the kitchen, baking desserts for the HUB youth.  She has realized her love of working in the food industry.

– 360°kids Program Coordinator, Employment Program

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