Jesse is a Survivor

Jesse is a Survivor

When you invest in youth the residuals are endless.  Music is an expression of one’s soul.  At 360ºkids, we take pride in delivering programs that help kids thrive and become the person they were meant to be.  Our music studio is one example of a program that helps youth see their potential and let them know that they matter.

Being homeless does not define who they want to be and Jesse refuses to stay down.

A Km In My Shoes is an episode of a recent 360°kids podcast in partnership with Shadowpath Theatre. The podcast provides insight into the lives of youth experiencing homelessness and touches on the isolation, and pain that youth commonly face. Jesse openly speaks about the struggles thrown in their path since fleeing an abusive home. Jesse details how, through the help of 360ºkids, they were able to shift from feeling unworthy and identifying as a victim to believing in themselves as a survivor.

For Jesse, 360°kids’ counsellors, Connections emergency housing, and the importance of access to the meals and recording studio offered at our Home Base Drop-in Centre in Richmond Hill made all the difference. 

Listening to Jesse’s powerful story of struggle and hope, you will understand that homelessness is not a choice. Many youth are “doing whatever we can to make our lives bearable for a little bit longer.”

A Km In my Shoes is a story about resilience and tenacity, giving you a glimpse into the reality of what it is like to be a youth without a home in York Region. You will be inspired by what Jesse has overcome and what they hope to achieve for their bright future.

Listen Here:

or on the Soundcloud app: https://soundcloud.com/shadowpath-theatre/km-in-my-shoes-360-kids-podcast !

Want to hear more from Jesse? Jesse just released their first song!

Listen Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXMTt6Zv4kM


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