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Base 4 Success

At 360°kids the Base 4 Success program is designed to provide a bridge between where someone is currently and where they hope to be. Unemployment can be overwhelming for anyone – it is a difficult process and can often be discouraging. The Base 4 Success program is a 12-week hybrid learning experience that combines in-class training with on-the-job vocational experience.

Our program works to overcome any barriers that could potentially work against a youth, harming their motivation or ability to be successful. Whether we are offering additional qualifications by way of WHMIS or Smart Serve or just providing a youth with a new dress shirt or a bus ticket, these little differences have the potential to make a lasting impact towards sustainable employment. Our program is unique in that we offer a multifaceted holistic approach to training. In the classroom we work along-side the youth and guide them in training aspects such as budgeting, time management, interpersonal communication, etc. While youth are in placement our staff consistently goes above and beyond to connect with the youth and navigate the complicated transitional period of starting and maintaining new employment.

This program is available to support people within York Region who are 15-30 years of age, are out of school and not currently receiving any form of Employment Insurance (EI) or have done so within the past 5 years.

-For more information or to make a referral please contact the Team Leader at 647-637-2800

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If you are an employer that would like to participate in our Base 4 Success Program please contact our Job Developer at:

10944 Yonge St.
Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3E4