Youth Job Connection Summer

Youth Job Connection Summer (YJCS)

YJCS supports secondary school students with multiple barriers through mandatory employability skills training and part-time employment opportunities, either throughout the summer or at a maximum of 10 hours per week during the school year.  We guide and coach students to make positive educational and career choices as well as gain valuable work experience.

Note: there is a paid 20 hour minimum pre-employment training component to this program which is facilitated in Markham. Pre-employment must be completed before a job placement/work trial opportunity can be provided.

Eligibility criteria:

  • 15-18 years of age
  • Either participating in or planning to return to secondary school in the fall
  • Ontario resident
  • SIN card and able to legally work in Ontario

Please send your referral forms or contact us at [email protected]

Please check back regarding any inquiries pertaining to the program at the beginning of April 2020

If you would like to know more information about YJCS, please send inquiries to Taylor Edan

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